Expense Manager v3.0.3 Unlocked

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Expense Manager v3.0.3 Unlocked :

1. Register , income, transfer transactions.

2. Display totals current day, week.

3. Keeping .

4. Keeping category whith group.

5. Create dynamic reports ability .

6. Password protection (AdsFree).

7. A widget balance accounts (AdsFree).

8. Backup data.

9. Export operations (.csv) (AdsFree).

10. Scheduled/repeated operations (AdsFree).

11. Keep tracking budgets.


This app allows keep track spending , and generate reports sections periods. has data from transactions and dictionaries card.


tab display totals current day, week


tab lists available operations. There types : expense, income transfer.


Expense operation money from source and recorded category (for example, Cash -> Breakfast, Card VISA -> Electricity). Category must be category group "Expense".


Income operation in which money account source-categories (eg. salary -> Card VISA). Category-source income should be located category group "Income".


Money transfer operation from one account (for non-compliance currencies a con Expense Manager v3.0.3 Unlocked rate used).


https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...pps.expmanager https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....expmanadsfree

Download : Expense Manager v3.0.3 Unlocked


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