Burt Destruction v1.0

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: Help Burt Destruction buddy Bigfoot defeat seriously twisted henchmen exciting new platformer.

Do skills fast reflexes leprechauns, ’s, giant evil German earthworm, Wormenstein? Collect coins, upgrade , upgrade , crazy costumes quest battle against sized Yeti evil minions! Go now, they need you!

Burt Destruction v1.0:

? Killer Cartoon - watch animated cinematics guide Burt's epic adventure.

? Tons Henchmen - Battle Hover Sharks, Robo Sloths, Donkey Manta Rays, Rabies Babies !

? Awesome Platformer Action controls

? Upgrade , powerups even !

? Burt alone! - Burt’s allies, Bigfoot . Dodo, swoop help time , causing a little destruction own.

? Insane Worlds - Battle through environments L park ’s Party Isl down Yeti!

? Discover Hidden Artifacts, Complete Missions intense Difficulty Modes cred friends!

? Unlock Crazy Costumes - Play Burt, Zombie Burt, Burt!




Burt Destruction v1.0 Instructions:


Burt Destruction v1.0:


SD Data: Android /Obb


Burt Destruction v1.0:


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