Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131

Impressions telenovela or serial drama television show is one of the well-liked people in various countries. Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131 is a series, or capitulo episode we'll give you that would like this telenovela.

Mi Corazon Insiste Synopsis: Lola is the story of Volcano (Carmen Villalobos) and Andres Santacruz (Jencarlos), two impetuous youth of today who fiercely love and passion. Many will object to this union, including the father of Andrew, who blames Lola for a crime he did not commit and makes you pay with jail.

From that moment, life changes drastically and Lola with Andres will face new trials and obstacles before they can enjoy their love. The beautiful but manipulative Deborah Noriega (Ana Layevska) compete fiercely against Lola for the love of Andrew and to do be able to sell his soul. Amid all this conflict appears Chabela Volcano (Angelica Maria), Aunt Lola, who will become the centerpiece of this love story.

Ver Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131 Telenovela Online : Mi Corazon Insiste to good story and have best actors telenovela. Andres Palacios and Daniel, suggest that fence vacation, there’s Lola meets Apollo Ferrer knows who later becomes her husband to cover up his alleged homosexuality which turned out to be lies, He dies in a parachute jump is killed by his manager. While Lola’s mother was kidnapped at sea and was presumed dead. Her boyfriend Detective Suarez’s still looking and thinks Marcelo Santacruz had something to do with her disappearance, Veronica was murdered by Marcelo since she had discovered that Soledad Volcan was being held hostage by Marcelo, while helping to Debora Soledad escape his abduction, then Debora kidnaps and discovers that she is a gold mine and can make you pay all that Marcelo made it. and Deborah makes Andres makes believe that Lola pushed her the stairs and lost the baby.

Mi Corazpon Insiste Caitulo 131 Parte 1

Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131 Parte 2

Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131 Parte 3

Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131 Parte 4

Mi Corazon Insiste Capitulo 131 Parte 5
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