Teresa Capitulo 66 Parte 1,2,3

It's long enough we also do not share Videos Teresa Telenovela . Now we see you again for sharing again. Teresa Capitulo 66 is an episode that we are sharing and to share with you. As we know, each episode of the television drama Teresa always consists of several parts. Therefore we provide videos that will be in each series of more than one. Teresa Capitulo 66 Parte 1,2,3 that's the part we can see with today.

Quite a lot is also a video that we have been sharing. Ver El Teresa Capitulo 66 you can see today is in addition to videos teresa telenovela that later you can all watch the full videos Capitulos Completos Teresa novella. Once you see this series, continue your spectacle on Teresa Capitulo 67 that already exist in previous pages.

Teresa is a person who is selfish woman that very materialistic, she had a lover Mariano, they were dating long enough, even in their telenovela Teresa is said to have more than 3 years in a relationship of love., They're engaged. Teresa is very confident that Mariano will never love another woman other than herself.

The next story tells Teresa that met a handsome young man, Paulo. Paulo is a rich kid who studied at an elite university. Teresa hide her status, Paulo never know that Teresa is a poor girl. Teresa always lied about the actual situation, Teresa also hide the engagement ring with Mariano.

Paulo, in the end to know that Teresa is just a poor girl who dreams of getting rich husband. Paulo finally told to cancel all the wedding plans. Even Paulo and his new girlfriend Aida embarrass in public with lies of Teresa.Teresa dismantle all feel very embarrassed by the incident, and Teresa vowed to reply to all acts Aida and Paulo.

Each series, episodes or parts that we provide, we hope these videos can be an entertaining and make you all feel happy hearts and happy. All the parts are there in this episode you can see in full.

Teresa Capitulo 66 Parte 1

Teresa Capitulo 66 Parte 2

Teresa Capitulo 66 Parte 3
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